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Asked Questions

1. What’s the process of how everything will go once I purchase my system?

First your contractor will schedule a site visit to make sure everything is correct with your order. Secondly, the contractor will confirm the order and get Your new equipment on will call. Then you will agree on a date to perform the installation. After Your contractor confirms with us that Your installation is complete, we will follow up with to make sure you are happy and cool.

2. How does my AC get installed if I buy from Buy Your AC Direct?

As part of YOUR purchase agreement with us, we will pair you with a state licensed AC Contractor. Your contractor will schedule a Pre-Install walkthrough with you to make sure everything is correct on Your order and there are no additional items that need to be ordered to complete the installation.

3. How do I know the installation contractor will do a good job?

Our team has over 30 years of local AC experience. We have put a lot of time and effort into vetting our installation contractors to ensure you will receive the best installation possible. We will always do a follow up quality assurance call as a final step for you.

4. Is there a warranty on my system?

Your system comes with a 10 year factory warranty on all parts. You also receive a 1 year labor warranty from the installation.

5. What if something goes wrong after the installation?

The good news is that you have a 10 year warranty from the factory for all parts. Also, you will have a 1 year warranty on the installation labor. This will cover anything that could go wrong in the first year other than a natural disaster.

6. What if I choose the wrong system for my house?

This is the most important part of the process. We require a site walkthrough from Your appointed contractor prior to ordering Your unit. Your contractor will confirm that the unit size on Your order is correct. If for any reason the size is wrong on the order, Your contractor will put in a change order and we will either credit you back the difference or charge you the difference.

7. How do I know what size I need?

Most homes were sized correctly when it was built. So as a rule of thumb, we suggest staying with the same tonnage size for your replacement. There are some factors that will change the size form the original, like did you add on any rooms, did you enclose the back porch or garage? If you have any major changes like that to the original construction, then we can have YOUR licensed contractor perform a heat load calculation for you.

8. Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs in the process. For the most part you will only be paying the set price for YOUR units and the set price for YOUR contractor. However, some homes may require a few additional materials that YOUR contractor will go over with you during YOUR “site visit”. These are mostly minor in cost and revolve around code requirements. You can see the list for all extra materials on the “Additional Materials Page”. If there are any additional parts needed for YOUR installation, YOUR contractor will have the total for you to sign off on before Your AC is ordered.

9. How are the prices so cheap?

Our ability to offer you “cheap” pricing comes from years of industry experience combined with low overhead. Basically, We created a way for you to get a great AC without having to pay for a multitude of employee salaries. We have set up a stream-lined process with no extra fat charged to you. You will never have to pay the salary of a “pushy” salesman again.

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